Green & Lean


Benike Construction is experienced in green building strategies and implementation.

Whether your goals are to reduce operational expenses through energy conservation, a healthy indoor environment through the use of non-toxic materials, increased airflow and circadian lighting, Benike Construction is experienced in green building strategies and implementation. After successfully delivering the first LEED-Certified building in our geographic market, utilizing common sense strategies to enhance your building has become commonplace. We spend more than 90% of our lives inside buildings, so we might as well build them for the health and well-being of ourselves and our neighbors. Green building is one way in which the built environment can positively impact society.

We Value Green Building Strategies and Innovations

Benike Construction believes in continuous improvement through innovation. We recognize that environmentally conscious building strategies are continuously evolving. Our company’s recent work on several green buildings has provided our team with opportunities to engage in innovative strategies, practice implementing sustainable building techniques, and contribute to discussion about how to optimize building efficiency. Recent work has included elements of geothermal heating and cooling, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), structural insulated panels (SIPs), stormwater collections systems, pervious concrete, permeable pavers, electrochromic glass, and renewable energy systems.


Lean Construction Delivery

Eliminating waste from the construction process is the ultimate goal of lean construction delivery. This can occur through extensive pre-planning, virtual design & construction, and off-site prefabrication of building elements. Benike is educated in Lean Construction delivery and strives to make its projects efficient through the implementation of lean principles such as The Last Planner System ® By implementing lean construction principles, Benike can save your project time and money. According to the Lean Construction Institute, the 6 tenets of lean are:

Respect for People
Optimize the Whole
Removal of Waste
Focus on Process & Flow
Generation of Value
Continuous Improvement

Virtual Design & Construction

The ability to “electronically build” a project before ever having stuck a shovel in the ground is a lean method of pre-planning work that has numerous advantages. Benike Construction is capable of facilitating spatial coordination between mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems, structural and architectural elements. MEP intensive projects can benefit from spatial coordination, visualization, and building information modeling. Although spatial coordination can be done utilizing 2-Dimensional drawings or CAD files, many consider 3-Dimensional coordination more useful and accurate. Virtually constructing a portion of the project becomes even more important when space requirements are limited (such as a limited ceiling space). Virtual design and construction allows for collaboration between Contractor and Design Team through enhanced visualization and understanding of design intent. 

Start a project.

Whether you are ready to start your construction project, or still in the idea phase, we can help you take thoughtful steps toward making your vision a reality.