Construction is the core business of Benike Construction. Organizing the necessary labor, tools, equipment, and materials into a physical manifestation of the customer’s vision is what we do. The construction phase is the culmination of careful thought, planning, organization, design, and will. Let’s have some fun together.


Prior to a shovel breaking ground, careful planning, preparation, and design need to take place to ensure a successful construction effort. Benike is able to assist project teams with preconstruction expertise that only comes from decades of industry leadership and service. Low cost, high impact decisions are made during the preconstruction phase, which minimize pitfalls during construction and adds significant value to the end product.


As your general contractor, Benike Construction will manage all aspects of your construction project. We will also self-perform much of the construction including: demolition, carpentry, concrete, and masonry. This delivery method is often referred to as “traditional” design-bid-build and relies on complete Construction Documents from a design partner. This method can be utilized both publicly and privately, as either hard bid or negotiated pricing.


As the construction manager of a project, Benike will operate as the primary decision maker on your behalf. Under the Construction Management at-Risk (CM@R) delivery method, Benike will provide reliable cost estimating and budgeting prior to completion of the Construction Documents. A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is established, and Benike becomes “at risk” to deliver the project at or under the GMP. Under the Construction Manager as Advisor (CM-a) delivery method, Benike would act as the Owner’s agent. All construction contracts flow through the Owner and the CM-a administers the process of managing the project. Under both CM methods, Benike prioritizes the project’s best interests, acting as the Owner’s “eyes and ears” during delivery of a project. Benike can assist with preparing Instructions to Bidders, review Construction Documents for constructability, prepare budgets, schedules, procurement strategies, analyze contractor bids, conduct pre-award conferences, review Change Order Requests and Applications for Payment, review submittals, provide onsite supervision, assist with project closeout documentation, and more.


The Design-Build delivery method places the builder, Benike Construction in a more appropriate position to make value engineering decisions during the design phase of development. Because Benike is involved from the beginning, we are able to offer construction expertise that aids in a more cost-effective structure as well as saving valuable time. The builder and Architect serve as a single entity for the owner to work with which creates a single source of accountability. Benefits of this delivery method include a single source of responsibility, accelerated schedule, better communication between architect and contractor, and better schedule control.


After the keys are handed over and the construction crews have long left the site, Benike Construction can serve as your facility maintenance contractor. Remodeling and adjusting your facility’s space to meet the changing demands of your business is essential to keeping pace in today’s competitive work environment. Whether you need to punch-in a new window, move a wall, add some casework, or pour some concrete, Benike can assist you with your general construction and maintenance needs. Let us help you update your physical spaces to maintain your competitive edge.











Benike Construction is headquartered in Rochester, MN. We serve Southeast MN and North IA. It is important to us that our teammates can safely perform their work and return home to their families each day. For this reason, we generally keep our travel radius to 120 miles or less.


Benike Construction believes that safety on the jobsite is a very important part of the construction process we provide for our clients.

We maintain an aggressive safety program which results in our terrific safety record. Our company is committed to safety, starting with upper management and throughout all levels of the company.

We require both general safety and job-specific training for our employees including 30 hours of the most updated OSHA training for supervisors, and a minimum of 10 hours for all field personnel.

One aspect that sets Benike’s safety program apart from competitors is that we employ full-time safety personnel at our home office. This dedicated role assists in safety performance audits, manages training programs, and provides solutions for safety issues at job sites. Our employee safety training includes classroom-type presentations, pre-task planning, as well as hands-on safety training that can be either general safety or job-specific.

If you need skilled construction professionals who can incorporate workplace safety into elevated productivity, Benike Construction is the company you seek.

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