Alvin Benike, a former building inspector for the City of Rochester, realized during his inspections that he would be able to produce higher quality building construction than what he observed in the field. In 1937, he began his contracting business as a one-man shop.

The startup contracting business started out building many of Rochester’s gas stations, park shelters, civic works, and a local doctor’s home designed by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The shelter at Rochester’s Slatterly Park still bears the decades-worn “Benike” stamp in the concrete from the days of Alvin E. Benike. Since its modest beginnings, the company has established its reputation in southeastern Minnesota as a reliable builder and trusted community partner. Through the decades, Benike has built upon its business strategy consistent with family values and the golden rule: treat others how you expect to be treated.


Upon founding the company, Alvin Benike knew that the reputation of a builder would carry more long-term importance than always having the cheapest price. With confidence in his own and his team’s abilities, he incorporated the company under his own name – Alvin E. Benike, Inc.. In the days before Google Reviews, he wanted any customer concern (or positive feedback) to be a direct reflection on the Benike name. This mentality of taking direct ownership for our performance persists to this day.


Alvin’s sons Walter and Donald guided the company through its second generation of family ownership in the 1950’s, 1960’s and into the 1970’s. Benike began it’s relationship with Mayo Clinic and become a trusted builder of healthcare spaces. During this time period, Benike continued to establish a reputation of quality and integrity. If it was built by Benike, you knew it was built right.


Grandsons John and Jim led further growth of the company and its abilities, before being joined by their sister Mary in the late 1980’s. Benike became an expert in delivering construction of pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) to many local manufacturers. Local developers, technology companies and related manufacturing industries turned to Benike to provide new spaces for their mission-critical projects. The company’s reputation was one of reliability for on time, on budget, and with the highest quality.


Southeast MN’s economy drove lots of growth during the 90’s and 2000’s. Benike took on numerous high-profile projects that cemented its reputation as a local leader in healthcare construction, building of schools, banks, churches, offices, manufacturing, and civic works. Benike’s team of skilled tradespeople and professional office staff built upon the knowledge and generations of the past, while looking ahead toward a green, lean, and technological future.


Alvin E. Benike, Inc. re-branded the company to “Benike Construction” to align its image with its capabilities to adapt and perform construction in a technological world. While technology and society have undergone significant changes since 1937, the fundamental principles that guide the company have remain unchanged: integrity, quality, service, and respect for people. With a time-tested business philosophy, Benike has made significant progress in technology investments, productivity enhancements, and the right tools for the right jobs.


Today, Alvin’s great grandsons, Mike, Aaron, and Adam are leading the business into its fourth generation of family ownership and pride in their communities. Core competencies in healthcare, manufacturing, and commercial construction continue to advance with a focus on continuous improvement. The Benike team is known for its “Attitude of Service” as a customer recollected, which is built upon the same principals Alvin instilled within the company’s culture.

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